Rethinking book buying

My brother has a kindle and although I see the appeal, I am dragging my feet on new technology. I like many of the premises of e-readers: I don’t want to kill a thousand trees, straining my eyes is probably bad for my health, and lugging books around is just dreadful. But there are larger points that influence this issue. Books are super cool looking.

And I don’t want to sell my soul to Amazon. No fancy e-reader can change that.

So you would assume the world of old-looking books was safe from the overbearing Amazon? But no! I was devastated when my mom informed me yesterday that Abebooks was bought by Amazon in 2008. The charm of my books has been purchased by the gigantic warrior woman. So I am trying Their site has a nice color scheme and they’re not owned by Amazon, so they MUST be good. Where does everyone else buy their books?


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