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I Felt Like Lovecraft in Brooklyn

Last weekend I went to Brooklyn for an amazing Mountain Goats concert. It was super good.

Here is the setlist from the concert. It was an amazing collection and between all the songs John Darnielle explained where he was coming from. It gave me a whole new appreciation for his new album Transcendental Youth, which you can stream for free from Rolling Stone.

In other NYC news: I ate a falafel (and dropped a lot of it on myself) right outside of the Comedy Cellar. I imagined Louis CK coming by with a slice of pizza. We would stare into each other eyes and eat together forever. But that didn’t happen.



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Not Sure if You’ve Heard

Apple is sneak peeking their new operating system, OS X Mountain Goat.

It’s kind of a big deal.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to People Who Like Valentine’s Day!

Well it is pretty close to V-day which means you all deserve a Valentine’s Day themed post. So here is a VD list for you:

1. I got Valentines candy. What does that mean? Reese’s that are shaped like hearts and Hershey Kisses that are filled with cherry sugar gel.

this is them meeting for the very first time

2. Remember how much more creative I was last valentine’s day? I made this book that says a poem:

this is supposed to be a gif, but you have to click on it so it will gif.

3. And I made those Valentine’s Day cards. I want to make them again and I have plenty of naughty things to have animals say, but there is no time to make them/ only time to talk about Valentine’s Day a lot on my blog.

4. I did make  one new Valentine’s Day card yesterday, but there is only one and the recipient is probably going to be my cards-line/ not a real person.

5. Sometimes I think, “Woah, not enough hot male actors tell me they love me on a daily basis.” Well if you think that too, then don’t worry cause that is all about to change.

To see the magic you are going to have to click on this link, because sometimes the internet is an evil place where embedding is impossible.

6. In an effort to waste time unintentionally, I made an 8tracks album for Kwanza (not really, it’s for valentine’s day… not sure if you’ve ever heard of it).


It’s like love.. or something. from kudosaru on 8tracks.

7. Now let’s count how many times I just wrote the word valentine (<that counts). 11! Yay, for days about hearts!

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The Armageddon of Music

Today, I thought of a doomsday scenario.. lets hope it never happens:

What if Taylor Swift was in a loving relationship and got married.

She would only be able to release EPs from then on. We would be stuck with songs like Our Song and Mine, while all of her crazy vindictive stuff would be left in the dust.

Lets hope she continues her on and off again relationships or else You Love Me, Despite My Hair in the Shower Drain will be playing on the radio.

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Woah… connections!

So I have been listening to a lot of Nina Simone. And I noticed that the beginning of this song, sounded mighty familiar.

(Also I like the typography stuff they did there.)

Well the reason it sounds so familiar is because “Feeling Good” is also used at the beginning of “New Day” on Jay-Z and Kanye’s album, Watch the Throne.


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But I really want..

these headphones!

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Drumming for Money

New single “Money” by the Drums from their upcoming album Portamento coming out September 12th.

If the Smiths and David Bowie and the Beach Boys all had a baby together it would be the Drums. Maybe they did, we’ll never know.

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Oh.. Jens

This song makes me want an avocado.

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Attempting things I will never be good at

Trying to learn to play guitar, and learning the song Magpie. Found inspiration with this guy…


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Monday Morning Music

Texas Cookin’ by Guy Clark

I woke up this morning with this song playing in my head, really loud.

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