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A Classy College Christmas Party

To avoid end of semester work I decided to throw a Christmas party. This was the first year I had a whole apartment to decorate so take a look:

For decorations I made paper chains out of a holiday JCrew magazine and added newspaper snowflakes using soda can tabs as hooks.

recycle christmas decorations

For added festivity I went out into a mysterious wooded area behind my building and cut greens and bittersweet. As for food my roommate and I made reindeer cookies, and peanut butter cup peanut butter cookies. I also made guacamole because everything is way better with guacamole. It’s not in the photo below, because it’s shy and also I forgot to take it out of the fridge.

christmas party food

For invitations I again took inspiration from Kerry at the Tragic Whale with her homemade present tags. I had made a holly stamp last year, but of course threw it out once I was done. The new version of the stamp was made with an eraser and a kitchen knife… and amazingly I still have 10 fingers!

stamp christmas invitations holy

I obviously have no pictures of the actually party since that would be logical, but here is one from before the party of our two fireplaces! Few places have a need for that much fake warmth.

college living room christmas

If you wish you had a TV that doubles as a fireplace check out the movie on netflix “Fireplace for your Home” There are two episodes.. I like the first one best, but you can spend hours watching it by yourself to decide.

And no party would be complete without a snow globe of me in the bathroom.

personalized snowglobe

Doesn’t it make you want to pee?!



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The magic of clothespins

So a couple weeks ago, when I got back from break I was looking at my walls and thought they were the most boring thing in the world. So I decided to make my walls a clothesline for cards… a cards-line if you will. So here it is:

I even hung up the ukulele my brother got me for christmas!

And this is what it looks like at night, with my canopy lights on!

this photo manages to hide the mess that is my desk!

see there are clothespins


So it’s official. I am now Russel Crowe in the movie A Beautiful Mind.


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My birds went from this..

to this..

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My amazing canopy, I just made!

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another bird on the wall.

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