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5 Urban Outfitters Items that aren’t necessary at all

These are 5 throwback items that you could buy people for Christmas if you had an irrational amount of money that you could only spend at Urban Outfitters.


It’s like a real camera except it can’t take photos, it doesn’t actually have a flash, and the yellow handle thing probably wont fit around your wrist.

Fisher Price Camera


Sometimes I ask myself, if only my cell phone could have all the benefits of an iPhone while still being clunky and hard to carry around.

80s Cell Phone Case


For this one I had a ton of mean jokes planned, but it turns out some percentage of the sale goes to Project Linus, which gives kids blankets. That model sure looks like she’s thinking about the children.

Linus Blanket


In the event that your iPhone doesn’t attract enough attention add this lime green phone to your phone. Added bonus, it is even more obnoxious than a bluetooth.

Native Union Pop Phone Handset


Because you have been wasting all of your life without Kevin Bacon on your bubblegum pink shirt.

Kevin Bacon Tee


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Is that a moustache on your phone?

Makes you want an iphone, doesn’t it! Check them out at Indie Cases. The title of the shop makes me feel silly for liking them.

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Your dad worked shitty jobs before you and he has the K-Mart name tag to prove. Back then, minimum wage was less than a modern can of PBR at your local hipster watering hole.  But, even though his job was shit, he still managed to be the shit. Every weekend he shed his 2×4 name badge of shame and was king of the weekend. With a cheap beer in hand, your dad would spit fire game at the local Daisy Dukes because he knew hhis bank roll would never bed them.

So hipsters, next time you’re complaining to your parents about how you can’t make rent because those damn mainstream scum yuppies don’t tip you at the coffee shop, remember this…

Your dad knows about living hand to mouth and he drank PBR because he could afford it, not because it was ironically good.

Thank you Amy for the awesome photo of your dad.

This blog is my new favorite.

Also, I know my dad was a hipster before me, he was rocking a vagabond beard before I even knew what a vagabond was. 

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I am beginning to realize that hipster arrested development is the number one thing I reblog. 

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OHhHHHH… That’s me.. I made it……… it was me!

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Look I’m tumblr famous!

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Next time

I think about cool hipster owls, I will remember what I did today.

Dissected an owl pellet in my bio lab. I found 4 vole skulls and one mouse. It was actually pretty cool.

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