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I Felt Like Lovecraft in Brooklyn

Last weekend I went to Brooklyn for an amazing Mountain Goats concert. It was super good.

Here is the setlist from the concert. It was an amazing collection and between all the songs John Darnielle explained where he was coming from. It gave me a whole new appreciation for his new album Transcendental Youth, which you can stream for free from Rolling Stone.

In other NYC news: I ate a falafel (and dropped a lot of it on myself) right outside of the Comedy Cellar. I imagined Louis CK coming by with a slice of pizza. We would stare into each other eyes and eat together forever. But that didn’t happen.



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Not Sure if You’ve Heard

Apple is sneak peeking their new operating system, OS X Mountain Goat.

It’s kind of a big deal.

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Listen to John Darnielle talk

The first draft of the Mountain Goats song “Dance Music”. Check out the Atlantic Article in which John Darnielle talks about how the song happened.

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The concert was pretty fantastic. This is a very short video I took of John Darnielle shouting “No Children”.

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Just got back from Boston. The concert was fantastic, and overall my trip was really amazing. I will upload a video of John Darnielle kicking ass soon. 

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