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Books on Buses.. of the underground variety

I have been totally mesmerized by the photos of Ourit Ben-Haim. Her photo series Underground New York Public Library shows New Yorkers on the subway reading. Here are a few of my favorite photos:

Just My Type” by Simon Garfield

Doctor Zhivago” by Boris Pasternak

The Birth of Tragedy” by Friedrich Nietzsche

New York by Edward” Rutherfurd

Also, check out this interview with Ourit.


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It’s Type-ography

So I have been in a typography class for a full month and only now am I not ashamed by my letter drawing. So I am sharing it. Before you judge keep in mind these are drawn completely free hand. We can’t even use rulers when drawing the background boxes.

did you know American Eagle is hiring me to draw their logo letters?

damn.. nice B


Now to give you an idea of what sans serifs look like.. it’s this:

sans serifs hand drawn typography

bad.. that's what it looks like

Wondering how I made such an “amazing” circle?


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Jumping on Trains, Popularity Trains

So I got an iphone. I am officially the real deal and part of the cool society. Now I am trying to figure what case to get. Society 6 has nice art in the form of iphone cases, so that is my plan.

But now I need your help. Which do I choose? You get to vote! Comment with the number.

numero uno

it's case #2

rainbow fish.. also known as #3


triangles... #4


#5 = everyplace i have ever wanted to be

And then there are ones that aren’t really my thing, but make me think of my family:

this one makes me think of my mom

as does this one

and this one reminds me of my brother... how obvious.



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Registration this morning

not a booming success.

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Weeka, weeka, Weekend!

It’s the weekend, but since I got off work Wednesday, life is a weekend! Hoping to spend my last week at home enjoying the beach and the nature and the books.

Some links of the past week. Get ready they’re really good:

Despite the 2 foot separation between them, Shaq and his girlfriend Hoopz still love each other.

Explaining how to actually wear a bandeau. Ps. this is the most blatant pr/seo article I have ever read.

Oh, Arrested Development Hipster Quote Tumblr.. you are so funny.

A mission few could endure, 365 days of the movie Julie and Julia: The Lawrence and Julie and Julia Project.

I want to make this. All I need is an attention span and all of the materials.

Pretty gift bags.

I want this classy, tiny trailer.

In retrospect, all these links seem just okay. Sorry.

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Tats for City Rats

I would get this temporary tattoo, but I am not confident that I truly love NYC more then Milton. He seemed pretty into the city in the documentary To Inform and Delight.

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Fun with Color

Cool art instillation by Rebecca Baumann, found at You Are My Fave.

Watch it while it flips:

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Some really cool embalmed buds by Makato Azuma.  Check out this post with more of his bottled flowers.

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My photo teacher described this photo from Robert Frank’s The Americans as “post modern”.

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Installation & Sculpture Work From Myeongbeom Kim

If the old man in UP couldn’t get the house to float, he had some other ideas.

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