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Snow White.. more like Snow W-really Popular This Summer

How many Snow White movies does it take for me to be interested in Snow White? Hollywood hopes it’s two.

This one is Snow White and the Huntsman… it’s dramatic and scary. See…

Reasons to watch it:

1. The intro music in the beginning tells me it’s going to be a serious movie… with a lot of bass.

2.  Swimming in milk.  (No longer does Britney Spears monopolize the whole weird dairy thing.)

3. Kristin Stewart is the “fairest in the land”.  And they aren’t using fair, in the archaic way.. she’s just really honest and unbiased. She kind of wants to be a Supreme Court Justice when she grows up.

4. The mirror isn’t actually a mirror, it’s Charlize Theron’s iphone. “Siri, find me someone who doesn’t fear the dark forest” “I have found a number of huntsman in your area… one of them is fairly close to you.”


Then there is Mirror, Mirror. It has Julia Roberts and Julia Roberts. See…

Reasons to watch it:

1. Julia Roberts

2. Julia Roberts

3. The jokes are okay.

4. Julia Roberts.

5. That castle seems really nice.


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Getting Holiday-ey

So it is getting closer to Christmas and I am officially getting in the spirit. So here are the holiday-ish things I’ve been doing.

I made a wreath at a program in the dining hall:

And then I made gingerbread houses at another program:

(the other one was less pretty, so I didn’t do any pictures focusing on it.)


Also, I got this puzzle of a nice winter scene, it may not be snowing yet, but at least it is in puzzles:

Oh and of course, no holiday would be complete without a disgusting amount of dreadful christmas movies. So I have already watched Snowglobe and Christmas Cupid. They sure were something:

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Mrs. Miracle, by Debbie ILoveChristmas Macomber

When Raymond’s mom is done being naggy, she becomes Mrs. Miracle.

Mrs. Miracle is a conglomerate of Nanny McPhee, Mary Poppins, and Supernanny, who takes care of misbehaved children while pairing deficient parents with successful community leaders.

The craziest part, there is more than one of these.

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How to Make a Hallmark Movie

1. Make the plot be about Christmas


2. Get former child star.

advice: avoid meth addicts. try former cast of Full House or Step by Step


3. Add quirky common characters.. example: the mother in law who just wont leave, the neighbor who keeps bringing cookies, the Santa who is stalking the main character.


4. Ask cast to share boring stories on set, so the viewer can feel like they really know the cast.


5. Put in large amounts of product placement for kitty litter or dog food (know your audience).

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Things I am Thankful for

I am thankful that Hallmark starts their Christmas movie marathon November 12th.

I am a hundred percent sure that The Christmas Card will change my life.

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I just assumed

I just assumed that Water for Elephants was about the elephant man.

Apparently I was wrong.

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Watched Hall Pass

It was very cute and for some reason reminded me of The Hangover, but it was actually funny and endearing.

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Something Shitty

Saw Something Borrowed and it was dreadful. Everything was wrong and no one did what I wanted, and I was miserable. Worst movie ever.

I liked this ranty review  about how bad it was.

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Not only is

Elizabeth Perkins a horrible mother, a cocaine addict, and a manipulative bitch in Weeds

but she also is a pedophile in Big

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My movie won best comedy at my schools Campus Movie Fest. What!?!?

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