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Hot for your weekend

Well this weather sure is something hot. Like an oven, or fire. The heat makes it hard for me to respond to anything without screaming “What!” or a long string of swears.

Here’s a list of links for silly things in an attempt to distract you from the heat:

An interview of Ryan Gosling, that made me think I was still in the 90s when David Letterman was cool.

Coffins.. but they’re nice.

Lego ice cubes: build something really amazing, then watch it melt before you are done!

I try and be as late on trends as possible, so here is something rather tardy. This woman wore the same dress for a year, but made it stylish. Here is a video of all her outfits.

Great Balloons!

Arrange things by color, you’ll be so much cooler.

I want this tie.

Things that are cute and summery.


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Ryan Gosling + Emma Stone = I will watch this

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Downloading this now. The ukulele in the trailer sold me on the movie.

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mywhitelights: In The Room Where You Sleep – Dead Man’s Bones Very cool. Read the Pitchfork article that explains.

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