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Things I will never understand

It’s not that I don’t understand how delicious seltzer is. Cause I understand that.

But how can flavored seltzer not have any sugar in it? Their nutrition facts show nothing but 0’s, but I just cant understand how something so yummy and sweet could consist of nothing but sparkly water and natural flavors. Where do they get these natural flavors? The Sugar Free Natural Flavors Factory?


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Cup O’ Flowers

Look there are flowers inside ice cubes…

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Watermelon Juice

I am very pro-fruit juice. A fruit juice activist you could say, so I couldn’t help posting this delicious looking watermelon juice. I am considering buying a watermelon on my way home. Perhaps this would make me more confident after the limeade disaster this weekend (which I will post about later.)

According to the recipe it’s not called Watermelon Juice, but Agua de┬áSandia meaning watermelon water. But I am bad at languages, so watermelon juice it is.

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Best drink ever:

lemonade, seltzer, strawberries, and a mint leaf.

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Rarely do I

want to write a post purely to bash a product, but I just got a Honest Ade Classic Lemonade.

It is disgusting. So sweet, you want to die and leaves that weird fake sugar taste in your mouth forever. It ruined lunch.

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who needs a coffee when you just get a shot of sugar in the form of a “smoothie”

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