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Look it’s a movie.. I made!

So the last month has been total hell. Apparently doing one thousand things and heading towards the end of a semester is dreadful.

One of the things that filled my time, at least for a week, was Campus Movie Fest. Campus Movie Fest is a film festival that comes to colleges all over the United States and supplies students with everything they need to make a five minute movie in exactly a week. I have participated every year so far, which is super fun… and stressful. This year I made a comedy about a bland relationship… here it is:

Last year I made Washed Up a movie about a sad lonely guy who finds a dead mermaid and then the year before that I made The Man Who Hears Cell Phones, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Goodness, I am finding this post to be super self promotional. I leave this blog stagnant for a month and then come back knowing it will take me back and touting all the things I have done in my absence.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who helped in making John and Jane: A Love Story happen. You’re all great.



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Ugly Babies and Illiterate People

Well here are some tumblrs that everyone should take a peek at…

Ugly Renaissance Babies:

The title kind of explains it all, but so does this picture.


Then there is Texts with Bennett:

This is a guy texting with his cousin, Bennett. It is very educational.


And lastly here is a tumblr that is for my job in the residence halls.

And now really the end, but remember when I had a tumblr… I barely can remember, but here it is.



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Learn to Write in the Bath

I saw the painting La Mort de Marat (the Death of Marat) today..

The first thing I thought was, “Oh, he thinks he is so great because he can write while in the bath… looks like he got what he deserved.”

In retrospect he was a real innovator. I am considering bringing the “desk bath” concept back.

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Fun activity time!

1. Okay so go to wikipedia, then look up Operation Uranus (or just click that link there.)

2. Now search the page (control f, for you computer illiterate) for “penetrat”.

Here is what you would find if you actually did this activity on your own:

and also:

and a little bit of this:

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Second Best Invention Ever

Mini Bagels, the second best invention ever.

First best invention being the cotton gin, of course.

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A Sad Truth

A sad and poignant point brought up by aerie, the teen underwear store.

If you didn’t notice it says, “Pretty doesn’t last forever…” Which can be translated to, “Your ass and face will never be as tight as they are now.. so buy our small clothing while you still can…”

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Things that are funny

When I was at the antique warehouse thing this summer, I saw a typewriter with this message. I thought it was hilarious.

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Cool People Making Whale Jokes

Sometimes you find something a friend made and you are so amazed, because you knew they were really cool, but you hadn’t realized they were so cool that they were producing cool things.

Just yesterday I found out that a former RA of mine has the coolest blog ever called The Tragic Whale. She does paper cut outs of whales and their tragic stories. I am going to put one of my favorites here.

Margo the Cargo Whale… A Tragic Whale Story

It was a cheery day at sea when Margo the Whale realized her life was purposeless.

She’d have to come up with something to justify her life. Otherwise, she was afraid, she might wither away.

She tried becoming a bird catcher, but she felt too guilty imprisoning her friends.

The next obvious choice was a hair dresser, but whales have no hair to style and no hands to style with.

Things were getting rough. “Oh!” thought Margo. “I can sell cell phones! Maybe this is my true calling!”

Margo took a break from her search. What could she do with her life that was both satisfying and helpful to others? She frowned, deep in thought.

Then it came to her!

Margo would become… a Cargo Whale!

Trailing behind small ocean liners, Margo the cargo Whale could fill her life with meaning and purpose.

But the cargo began to block her breathe hole. And it became quite heavy.

Margo’s cargo crushed and suffocated her.

Also she made a shark coin purse, which is up there in coolest things ever.

Also, also she has a series called “fashion advice from mom“, which is funny, funny, funny.

t was a cheery day at sea when Margo the Whale realized her life was purposeless.

Also, she made a coin purse that looks like a shark!

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10 Reasons to Love Louis CK

Okay so life is full of lists, and most of them are boring and full of shit you don’t want to do, but this one is going to be great because it’s about Louis CK. So get ready.

10. He has a twitter. Clearly hip and with it.

9. His jokes are like little, beautiful, thoughtful presents, but instead of being wrapped in tissue paper they have been placed in a sweaty sock. So at first you hate the person for giving it to you, but when you look inside you are touched.

8. He does every step of the creating process: writing, producing, directing, editing.

7. He was interviewed by Pitchfork and it was a good interview.

6. He’s Mexican.

5. He did this with other great comedians.

4. He is all for the gays.

3. He was on the Daily Show a couple of days ago and left John Stewart and I shaking (with laughter).

2. He tells it like it is to Donald Rumsfeld, but mostly just asks him if he’s a lizard.

(I know I have posted this before, but I know that no one listened to it, so this is attempt two.)

1. He’s really funny.

These lists are really hard. Louis is great, but this was a lot more effort than I anticipated.

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things I can’t believe happened

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