10 Reasons to Love Louis CK

Okay so life is full of lists, and most of them are boring and full of shit you don’t want to do, but this one is going to be great because it’s about Louis CK. So get ready.

10. He has a twitter. Clearly hip and with it.

9. His jokes are like little, beautiful, thoughtful presents, but instead of being wrapped in tissue paper they have been placed in a sweaty sock. So at first you hate the person for giving it to you, but when you look inside you are touched.

8. He does every step of the creating process: writing, producing, directing, editing.

7. He was interviewed by Pitchfork and it was a good interview.

6. He’s Mexican.

5. He did this with other great comedians.

4. He is all for the gays.

3. He was on the Daily Show a couple of days ago and left John Stewart and I shaking (with laughter).

2. He tells it like it is to Donald Rumsfeld, but mostly just asks him if he’s a lizard.

(I know I have posted this before, but I know that no one listened to it, so this is attempt two.)

1. He’s really funny.

These lists are really hard. Louis is great, but this was a lot more effort than I anticipated.


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