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Back to December… 1st when it snowed

Last weekend was the first snow of the season on the first day of December. To welcome in the weather I went on a long walk and took a couple photos. Keep in mind to take all of these photos I had to pull out my phone and take off my gloves (damn thermal touch technology!) That’s what I call commitment.

first snow IMG_0725 IMG_0727

Embarrassingly when I got back inside and I saw the falling snow outside I just thought of Taylor Swift’s Back to December music video:

TSwift’s relationships are so emotional that it snows inside. Not everyone can say that.


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The First Day of My Life: A Deep Sad Look

So I was planning on making a joke on here. Something along the lines of “My mom just bought Badminton rackets and this song played in my head when I saw them.”

..but then I rewatched the video and I brought it to a much darker place.

I have a feeling that very few of those couples are still together. And I bet during their break ups them being in that video made the whole thing a lot harder. One member of each of those couples is still watching that video over and over again with a pint of chunky monkey, while the other is always trying to convince their new partner that the video meant nothing to them. But who knows maybe some of those couples are still trotting along.

I really would love for this to be researched further. So internet, if you know someone in that video… tell me their relationship status cause I am feeling pretty confident about this.

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Look it’s a movie.. I made!

So the last month has been total hell. Apparently doing one thousand things and heading towards the end of a semester is dreadful.

One of the things that filled my time, at least for a week, was Campus Movie Fest. Campus Movie Fest is a film festival that comes to colleges all over the United States and supplies students with everything they need to make a five minute movie in exactly a week. I have participated every year so far, which is super fun… and stressful. This year I made a comedy about a bland relationship… here it is:

Last year I made Washed Up a movie about a sad lonely guy who finds a dead mermaid and then the year before that I made The Man Who Hears Cell Phones, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Goodness, I am finding this post to be super self promotional. I leave this blog stagnant for a month and then come back knowing it will take me back and touting all the things I have done in my absence.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who helped in making John and Jane: A Love Story happen. You’re all great.


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Well, that’s done

Today, I finished my Copywriting for Electronic Media class. We created a social marketing campaign geared towards young adults entering the job market who need to keep their facebook’s clean. Here is the one minute television ad we created:

ps. making that split screen took a lot of basic math (here I was thinking I would never need addition or subtraction.)

Check out the entire Think Before You Post blog which has our radio spot, campaign strategy, 30 second ad, and a bunch of other fun posts.

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Mrs. Miracle, by Debbie ILoveChristmas Macomber

When Raymond’s mom is done being naggy, she becomes Mrs. Miracle.

Mrs. Miracle is a conglomerate of Nanny McPhee, Mary Poppins, and Supernanny, who takes care of misbehaved children while pairing deficient parents with successful community leaders.

The craziest part, there is more than one of these.

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WiseGuy for Wise Guys (and girls)

So I found this video while looking for some things for a school advertising project. It’s about facebook and job interviews (both the project for school and this video.)

That’s by Wiseguy Pictures, which also made a 30 minute film which I thought was both funny and beautifully filmed. It’s called The Old Man and the Seymour. Take a look at their site, Wiseguy Pictures.

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The Armageddon of Music

Today, I thought of a doomsday scenario.. lets hope it never happens:

What if Taylor Swift was in a loving relationship and got married.

She would only be able to release EPs from then on. We would be stuck with songs like Our Song and Mine, while all of her crazy vindictive stuff would be left in the dust.

Lets hope she continues her on and off again relationships or else You Love Me, Despite My Hair in the Shower Drain will be playing on the radio.

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I just assumed

I just assumed that Water for Elephants was about the elephant man.

Apparently I was wrong.

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Quick, Watch This!

True story.

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Drumming for Money

New single “Money” by the Drums from their upcoming album Portamento coming out September 12th.

If the Smiths and David Bowie and the Beach Boys all had a baby together it would be the Drums. Maybe they did, we’ll never know.

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