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Well, that’s done

Today, I finished my Copywriting for Electronic Media class. We created a social marketing campaign geared towards young adults entering the job market who need to keep their facebook’s clean. Here is the one minute television ad we created:

ps. making that split screen took a lot of basic math (here I was thinking I would never need addition or subtraction.)

Check out the entire Think Before You Post blog which has our radio spot, campaign strategy, 30 second ad, and a bunch of other fun posts.

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Avoid Dry Spells

So here is my new bulletin board for my job as an Academic Mentor.

The Title is “Avoid a Dry Spell: How to Keep the Papers Flowing”

It is supposed to look like things being dried on clotheslines between two buildings. Not sure if it fully gets across. Also making those buildings from a certain perspective was hard.

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