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Well, that’s done

Today, I finished my Copywriting for Electronic Media class. We created a social marketing campaign geared towards young adults entering the job market who need to keep their facebook’s clean. Here is the one minute television ad we created:

ps. making that split screen took a lot of basic math (here I was thinking I would never need addition or subtraction.)

Check out the entire Think Before You Post blog which has our radio spot, campaign strategy, 30 second ad, and a bunch of other fun posts.


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omg… I think I’m famous

So I was looking at The Tragic Whale, my favorite ex RA’s blog, and she made some changes (which look really awesome). But when I looked at her sidebar I realized that not only was there a picture of her making food seriously but there was also a link to MY blog… see look:

(Also this is cool cause there is a picture of a blog on her blog on my blog. I sense paradox.)

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It’s when you stalk a blog.

I found the blog Annilygreen, and have been spending my days reading page after page (I feel creepy looking at the entirety of people’s blog/life in a couple hours and knowing everything they are doing without them knowing I know.)

Here are some posts that especially caught my interest:

A rainbow birthday party. (I am glad others believe in rainbolical order)

Pretty pianos

The best kids room makeover I have ever seen.

Great light fixtures

Inspiring me to put clothes on the wall


Does this water taste like fish

She is funny and finds great things and has a great store.

…. I feel creepy

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A blog post I did for Vacation Home Rentals. Part of a summer series.

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Loving this new blog shown to me by liliapercy.


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Great picture from my mom’s blog. Check out her count down to Valentine’s Day.

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I think this might mean I am reblogging too much for my birds blog, fuckyeahbirdz.

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