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A Classy College Christmas Party

To avoid end of semester work I decided to throw a Christmas party. This was the first year I had a whole apartment to decorate so take a look:

For decorations I made paper chains out of a holiday JCrew magazine and added newspaper snowflakes using soda can tabs as hooks.

recycle christmas decorations

For added festivity I went out into a mysterious wooded area behind my building and cut greens and bittersweet. As for food my roommate and I made reindeer cookies, and peanut butter cup peanut butter cookies. I also made guacamole because everything is way better with guacamole. It’s not in the photo below, because it’s shy and also I forgot to take it out of the fridge.

christmas party food

For invitations I again took inspiration from Kerry at the Tragic Whale with her homemade present tags. I had made a holly stamp last year, but of course threw it out once I was done. The new version of the stamp was made with an eraser and a kitchen knife… and amazingly I still have 10 fingers!

stamp christmas invitations holy

I obviously have no pictures of the actually party since that would be logical, but here is one from before the party of our two fireplaces! Few places have a need for that much fake warmth.

college living room christmas

If you wish you had a TV that doubles as a fireplace check out the movie on netflix “Fireplace for your Home” There are two episodes.. I like the first one best, but you can spend hours watching it by yourself to decide.

And no party would be complete without a snow globe of me in the bathroom.

personalized snowglobe

Doesn’t it make you want to pee?!



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Paper Editing… Duh

So I am an Academic Mentor in my Residence Hall and last week I had a program. I have been super busy, so I really procrastinated in even thinking about it. I made flyers a week before, but that was the end of my preparation.

About 20 minutes before the program I noticed that I really had nothing planned. So I quickly made up a pdf in indesign that had a bunch of tips on editing papers. I formatted it so it could be made into a book. Like this:

That’s pretty much it…

Curious on how to make the book? Check out this book’s video tutorial.

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Registration this morning

not a booming success.

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My birds went from this..

to this..

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When I was in Germany this was the shape of all waffles. I want these waffles forever and always, and not the “Belgian” ones I will be getting at the dorms this morning.

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My hands

haven’t been this covered in glue since the last poster I had to make in 8th grade. Who knew that college would require such finely tuned skills?

A poster on the American Lobster, how intriguing!? Also, I just noticed that I forgot to put the common name on the heading. Well shit!

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Getting in touch with anyone at the Salem State Registrars office takes at least 30 minutes.

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