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The Aroma of Italy

1000 piece puzzle

I buy my puzzles at yard sales, flea markets, and Salvation Armies, so I start every puzzle knowing that the person who originally bought it is most likely dead. I have never thought that more than with the puzzle above. When I opened it up it smelled like rotting red wine. That didn’t stop me from finishing it, but I did use half a bottle of perfume to disguise the dreadful scent.

In better news the puzzle I just opened up smells like cardboard!


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Downton Abbey + Puzzles

What have I been up to this weekend? Naturally something remarkable and world changing…

I finished that puzzle and watched the whole first season of Downton Abbey. I like the show because I relate to them: I also enjoy tea and breakfast.


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Cats in a Puzzle Making Art

Look. It’s a bunch of cats on a puzzle making art. One of the books on the right says ‘Piccatso’.

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Well, that took an eternity

On to the next one!

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Puzzle Time

Just starting my puzzle. Don’t know why but it smells weird.


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Finished this puzzle a while ago. It was cute, and the shapes of the pieces were nice and challenging.

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Things that have been happening..

finished my puzzle, got some books at the Used Book Superstore, a new puzzle and dress at Savers, and poptarts at Ocean State Job Lot. Big days.

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Not to brag

but I finished this 1000 piece puzzle so quickly. Like I started last night.

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Too much?

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What have I been doing


I just made myself a mug of hot apple cider

I finished my puzzle a couple of days ago and am just photographing it now.

Lastly, here is a photo of my new, super ugly slippers from K-mart. So warm, and so unattractive.

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