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Cats in a Puzzle Making Art

Look. It’s a bunch of cats on a puzzle making art. One of the books on the right says ‘Piccatso’.


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Missing Cats, but not really.

I’m not a huge cat fan, but I saw my black coat on my bed tonight and I thought it was my cat from home. I missed him for about 5 seconds. Then I imagined how his fur would stick to my bed.. so I didn’t miss him anymore.

That’s him right there.

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Happy “your weekend is almost over”

I took this. And, I know, once again I am caught mid-weekend, but keeping up with life is hard.


Article on old vegetables on Plymouth Plantation. Women’s kitchen gardens were generally an acre. And they didn’t have glasses. Life sucked.

An amazing cottage in Nova Scotia.

Things you bring/wear in Paris to ensure you don’t look like an idiot.

Horrible Bosses was funny.

Rainbow popsicles.

Best new nicknames for Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley.

The only good thing to come out of fake eHarmony videos.

Seats for everyone.

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Cats for Days

I think, if I ever decided to become a cat lady (and got over my dislike of animals). I would call my clan of cats The Glass Cats and name them after all the siblings in JD Salinger’s books.

Meet my hypothetical family:



Boo Boo:





Naturally, a weekly radio show would be created, entitled “It’s A Wise Cat”.

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