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In the event that you missed…

Kim Jong-Il looking at things.

looking at a watermelon


looking at tupperware


looking at socks


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Watermelon Juice

I am very pro-fruit juice. A fruit juice activist you could say, so I couldn’t help posting this delicious looking watermelon juice. I am considering buying a watermelon on my way home. Perhaps this would make me more confident after the limeade disaster this weekend (which I will post about later.)

According to the recipe it’s not called Watermelon Juice, but Agua de¬†Sandia meaning watermelon water. But I am bad at languages, so watermelon juice it is.

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Kendra’s Tip of the Day:

Always eat watermelon after strawberries, so you can get the tiny seeds out of your teeth.

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Here is everything I miss about summer.

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The juiciest battle in centuries, the Watermelon Massacre of 1812.

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