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I’m a zebra!

Not really, but I wish I was. Or I at least had this dress.


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Another case of Blogalking

Once again I find myself blog stalking. This time it is the fashion/do-it yourself blog, Runway DIY. Arianna is amazing because she makes complete tutorials of how to make fashionable clothing and accessories by using clothes, hardware, and random things you don’t know what to do with. If that is not an amazing feat in itself she is also a consistent blogger, posting one to three tutorials every week. Seriously impressive.

My new plan is to get better at sewing, and make this dress.

If that doesn’t work out there are a ton of other pieces she made that are cool:

Industrial bow necklace

Spray painted clutch

Finger dot top

Foxy pants


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Things that have been happening..

finished my puzzle, got some books at the Used Book Superstore, a new puzzle and dress at Savers, and poptarts at Ocean State Job Lot. Big days.

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They’re Grapes!

Had frozen grapes last night. Delicious and nutritious. Reminds me of a lot of grapey things, so here they are.

Funny video about a grapist.

This modcloth dress that inspired me to find that youtube video again.

And… jewelry for alcoholics on SterlingWineOnline.com

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Drowning in weddings

So I only have two cousins and they are just about the coolest people ever. But they made a flaw in their coolness, they are both getting married in the same summer on the other side of the country. I am excited, but also am struck with panic when I think about clothing. So here is what I am thinking for the wedding that is in September. 

with these shoes

Am I doing it all wrong? This wedding is supposed to be black tie with a flair of 50s. Anyway now I have to find a dress for the wedding that is next month.. gulp.

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It is too hot to put anything over your head. This is why the wrap dress was invented and that’s why I need one.

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