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Clutch Clutches by Kerry

I recently ordered two things from my friend Kerry’s etsy shop. One of them is a present for a friend who might check this blog before I can give it to her, so I can’t show it on here… yet. But the other is for me, so I can show it off all I want. Here it is:

Isn’t it adorable! It got here super fast and is the perfect size for all my clutching needs. Thanks Kerry! (Her blog, The Tragic Whale, is hilarious)


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5 Urban Outfitters Items that aren’t necessary at all

These are 5 throwback items that you could buy people for Christmas if you had an irrational amount of money that you could only spend at Urban Outfitters.


It’s like a real camera except it can’t take photos, it doesn’t actually have a flash, and the yellow handle thing probably wont fit around your wrist.

Fisher Price Camera


Sometimes I ask myself, if only my cell phone could have all the benefits of an iPhone while still being clunky and hard to carry around.

80s Cell Phone Case


For this one I had a ton of mean jokes planned, but it turns out some percentage of the sale goes to Project Linus, which gives kids blankets. That model sure looks like she’s thinking about the children.

Linus Blanket


In the event that your iPhone doesn’t attract enough attention add this lime green phone to your phone. Added bonus, it is even more obnoxious than a bluetooth.

Native Union Pop Phone Handset


Because you have been wasting all of your life without Kevin Bacon on your bubblegum pink shirt.

Kevin Bacon Tee

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A Sad Truth

A sad and poignant point brought up by aerie, the teen underwear store.

If you didn’t notice it says, “Pretty doesn’t last forever…” Which can be translated to, “Your ass and face will never be as tight as they are now.. so buy our small clothing while you still can…”

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Hard Hitting Questions

How do I get back on the American Girl Dolls Catalog list? I am just so curious what Kit will be wearing this season.

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I’m a zebra!

Not really, but I wish I was. Or I at least had this dress.

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Weeka, weeka, Weekend!

It’s the weekend, but since I got off work Wednesday, life is a weekend! Hoping to spend my last week at home enjoying the beach and the nature and the books.

Some links of the past week. Get ready they’re really good:

Despite the 2 foot separation between them, Shaq and his girlfriend Hoopz still love each other.

Explaining how to actually wear a bandeau. Ps. this is the most blatant pr/seo article I have ever read.

Oh, Arrested Development Hipster Quote Tumblr.. you are so funny.

A mission few could endure, 365 days of the movie Julie and Julia: The Lawrence and Julie and Julia Project.

I want to make this. All I need is an attention span and all of the materials.

Pretty gift bags.

I want this classy, tiny trailer.

In retrospect, all these links seem just okay. Sorry.

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Sneakers or Magical Beast?

New sneakers from Nike have been named after flying unicorns.

Nike Women's Air Pegasus+

Don’t you see the similarities?

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Hooray for the Weekend!

Can’t wait to go ^here^ today. My weekend has been in full swing since Friday, but it was rainy the whole time. So, what’s my weekend plan? Read, lay in the sun, and eat watermelon.


Here is a bunch of links to things that are sort of cool:

I know I posted about balloons last week, but these balloons are even better because you can buy them and give them to people and each one is made one of a kind for you! And did I mention that they are amazing?

Is this a kite or a sail boat in the sky? You’ll never know.

I want these shorts so badly. They are both high-waisted and scalloped. Everything you could ever need in life.

I would move to New York City in a flash for this internship.

Something everyone should make, all you need is a freezer.

Have so much fun with color.

Hard hitting news: New, expensive toilets to take over plumbing industry.

Nice illustrated bags.

For the modern locket lover.

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Hot for your weekend

Well this weather sure is something hot. Like an oven, or fire. The heat makes it hard for me to respond to anything without screaming “What!” or a long string of swears.

Here’s a list of links for silly things in an attempt to distract you from the heat:

An interview of Ryan Gosling, that made me think I was still in the 90s when David Letterman was cool.

Coffins.. but they’re nice.

Lego ice cubes: build something really amazing, then watch it melt before you are done!

I try and be as late on trends as possible, so here is something rather tardy. This woman wore the same dress for a year, but made it stylish. Here is a video of all her outfits.

Great Balloons!

Arrange things by color, you’ll be so much cooler.

I want this tie.

Things that are cute and summery.

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Running with Scissors.. ruins your clothes

Sometimes it seems like the whole world is urging me to do something. And right now it is urging me to tear apart all my clothes..

..or maybe just one shirt. This shirt is $68 from Diana Eng.

This isn’t the first thing I have run into that is advocating “improving” by ruination. Check out this cut out skull shirt DIY.





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