Hooray for the Weekend!

Can’t wait to go ^here^ today. My weekend has been in full swing since Friday, but it was rainy the whole time. So, what’s my weekend plan? Read, lay in the sun, and eat watermelon.


Here is a bunch of links to things that are sort of cool:

I know I posted about balloons last week, but these balloons are even better because you can buy them and give them to people and each one is made one of a kind for you! And did I mention that they are amazing?

Is this a kite or a sail boat in the sky? You’ll never know.

I want these shorts so badly. They are both high-waisted and scalloped. Everything you could ever need in life.

I would move to New York City in a flash for this internship.

Something everyone should make, all you need is a freezer.

Have so much fun with color.

Hard hitting news: New, expensive toilets to take over plumbing industry.

Nice illustrated bags.

For the modern locket lover.


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