Weeka, weeka, Weekend!

It’s the weekend, but since I got off work Wednesday, life is a weekend! Hoping to spend my last week at home enjoying the beach and the nature and the books.

Some links of the past week. Get ready they’re really good:

Despite the 2 foot separation between them, Shaq and his girlfriend Hoopz still love each other.

Explaining how to actually wear a bandeau. Ps. this is the most blatant pr/seo article I have ever read.

Oh, Arrested Development Hipster Quote Tumblr.. you are so funny.

A mission few could endure, 365 days of the movie Julie and Julia: The Lawrence and Julie and Julia Project.

I want to make this. All I need is an attention span and all of the materials.

Pretty gift bags.

I want this classy, tiny trailer.

In retrospect, all these links seem just okay. Sorry.


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