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Tats for City Rats

I would get this temporary tattoo, but I am not confident that I truly love NYC more then Milton. He seemed pretty into the city in the documentary To Inform and Delight.


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Another case of Blogalking

Once again I find myself blog stalking. This time it is the fashion/do-it yourself blog, Runway DIY. Arianna is amazing because she makes complete tutorials of how to make fashionable clothing and accessories by using clothes, hardware, and random things you don’t know what to do with. If that is not an amazing feat in itself she is also a consistent blogger, posting one to three tutorials every week. Seriously impressive.

My new plan is to get better at sewing, and make this dress.

If that doesn’t work out there are a ton of other pieces she made that are cool:

Industrial bow necklace

Spray painted clutch

Finger dot top

Foxy pants


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5 reasons jumpsuits are great

5. You can pretend you are a pink cat, or Katy Perry

4. You can look kick-ass in black… like a ninja.

3. You can get them in denim.

2. You can get them in acid-washed denim.

1. You can be Tom Cruise, and fly a plane.


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