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Let’s Ban Broccoli!

Not sure if you guys heard, but pizza is officially a vegetable according to politics.

With this change in the laws of vegetables I would like to make a few changes of my own.

Kendra’s “Veggie Bill”:

I. Broccoli is not a vegetable.

II. Broccoli on pizza is a vegetable through association to the pizza, but once the two are separated the broccoli is no longer a vegetable.

III. Broccoli is forbidden.

IV. Broccoli is now spelled Brocolli, because it makes more sense that way.

The former president George Bush senior agrees with me.


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Second Best Invention Ever

Mini Bagels, the second best invention ever.

First best invention being the cotton gin, of course.

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Cup O’ Flowers

Look there are flowers inside ice cubes…

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Cupcakes on my birthday!

There are a thousand reasons I love my birthday, but one of them is definitely the fact that my boss made me cupcakes that are so delicious.

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Watermelon Juice

I am very pro-fruit juice. A fruit juice activist you could say, so I couldn’t help posting this delicious looking watermelon juice. I am considering buying a watermelon on my way home. Perhaps this would make me more confident after the limeade disaster this weekend (which I will post about later.)

According to the recipe it’s not called Watermelon Juice, but Agua de Sandia meaning watermelon water. But I am bad at languages, so watermelon juice it is.

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Banana Chocolate Magic

Oh goodness, these look like the best thing ever… It’s like taking something healthy and putting delicious all over it. Look at the recipe.

A CUP OF JO: Banana bites.

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