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I Dream of Pieces

Okay so it’s been a while since I last posted and a lot has happened to me since then.. but why hear about that when you could just see my puzzles.

kentucky derby 1000 puzzle

It all started with some good old horse betting. This puzzle took a night or so, in which I analyzed the social¬†hierarchy¬†at the Kentucky Derby in 1924. While puzzling I think I listened to Lana Del Ray’s Off to the Races 1000 times and can tell you that the races Lana goes to are much sluttier than this one.

Then I went home for Christmas break and did this little gem:

springbok christmas 1000 puzzle

All of these were the simple compared to this horrid creature:

very berry nice eaton puzzle

That puzzle was only 500 pieces and entitled “Very Berry Nice”. I would like to rename the puzzle “Enough Berries That You Throw Up”

If you are sick of all these puzzle posts.. that makes sense. But I probably won’t stop.



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Look, A Puzzle!

I finished this 1500 piece puzzle over the weekend. It took me forever.


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Things I Would Never Recommend

Puzzles are great, but puzzles on the floor lead to hurried scoliosis. I regret the whole thing.

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Puzzle Time

Just starting my puzzle. Don’t know why but it smells weird.


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