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Paper Editing… Duh

So I am an Academic Mentor in my Residence Hall and last week I had a program. I have been super busy, so I really procrastinated in even thinking about it. I made flyers a week before, but that was the end of my preparation.

About 20 minutes before the program I noticed that I really had nothing planned. So I quickly made up a pdf in indesign that had a bunch of tips on editing papers. I formatted it so it could be made into a book. Like this:

That’s pretty much it…

Curious on how to make the book? Check out this book’s video tutorial.


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Avoid Dry Spells

So here is my new bulletin board for my job as an Academic Mentor.

The Title is “Avoid a Dry Spell: How to Keep the Papers Flowing”

It is supposed to look like things being dried on clotheslines between two buildings. Not sure if it fully gets across. Also making those buildings from a certain perspective was hard.

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Cool People Making Whale Jokes

Sometimes you find something a friend made and you are so amazed, because you knew they were really cool, but you hadn’t realized they were so cool that they were producing cool things.

Just yesterday I found out that a former RA of mine has the coolest blog ever called The Tragic Whale. She does paper cut outs of whales and their tragic stories. I am going to put one of my favorites here.

Margo the Cargo Whale… A Tragic Whale Story

It was a cheery day at sea when Margo the Whale realized her life was purposeless.

She’d have to come up with something to justify her life. Otherwise, she was afraid, she might wither away.

She tried becoming a bird catcher, but she felt too guilty imprisoning her friends.

The next obvious choice was a hair dresser, but whales have no hair to style and no hands to style with.

Things were getting rough. “Oh!” thought Margo. “I can sell cell phones! Maybe this is my true calling!”

Margo took a break from her search. What could she do with her life that was both satisfying and helpful to others? She frowned, deep in thought.

Then it came to her!

Margo would become… a Cargo Whale!

Trailing behind small ocean liners, Margo the cargo Whale could fill her life with meaning and purpose.

But the cargo began to block her breathe hole. And it became quite heavy.

Margo’s cargo crushed and suffocated her.

Also she made a shark coin purse, which is up there in coolest things ever.

Also, also she has a series called “fashion advice from mom“, which is funny, funny, funny.

t was a cheery day at sea when Margo the Whale realized her life was purposeless.

Also, she made a coin purse that looks like a shark!

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