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Feminist Theory.. what what!?

So I know this blog has been fairly school focused lately, but I guess you are just going to have to deal with it cause here comes more. I am in a Feminist Theory class and at the end of the class we have the choice of writing a 15 page paper, or doing a 30 minute presentation. They could be on anything that involved women. In a moment of supreme wisdom I chose to do a presentation. I like the internet so my topic was Women and the Internet.

I started off with a presentation using Prezi, which was fun cause it zoomed around a lot.. see:

So that was the presentation and then I decided to do run a little book workshop. I was especially stunned by the disparity of women contributors on wikipedia, so I had everyone make a book that was a guide to adding information to Wikipedia. Here it is:

TaDa! I’m a student. Do you for some strange reason also want to make a wikipedia booklet thing? Go here and you can print it out and then follow these instructions.

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Fun activity time!

1. Okay so go to wikipedia, then look up Operation Uranus (or just click that link there.)

2. Now search the page (control f, for you computer illiterate) for “penetrat”.

Here is what you would find if you actually did this activity on your own:

and also:

and a little bit of this:

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A great article.

isolt found this NYTimes article today on the gender gap of Wikipedia contributors.

“This is about wanting to ensure that the encyclopedia is as good as it could be. The difference between Wikipedia and other editorially created products is that Wikipedians are not professionals, they are only asked to bring what they know.”

– Sue Gardner (executive director of Wikimedia Foundation)

So let’s get to it women! Start adding, start correcting, start creating. It’s time for us to add to the topics that interest us. 

Login and make your account here.

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