Feminist Theory.. what what!?

So I know this blog has been fairly school focused lately, but I guess you are just going to have to deal with it cause here comes more. I am in a Feminist Theory class and at the end of the class we have the choice of writing a 15 page paper, or doing a 30 minute presentation. They could be on anything that involved women. In a moment of supreme wisdom I chose to do a presentation. I like the internet so my topic was Women and the Internet.

I started off with a presentation using Prezi, which was fun cause it zoomed around a lot.. see:

So that was the presentation and then I decided to do run a little book workshop. I was especially stunned by the disparity of women contributors on wikipedia, so I had everyone make a book that was a guide to adding information to Wikipedia. Here it is:

TaDa! I’m a student. Do you for some strange reason also want to make a wikipedia booklet thing? Go here and you can print it out and then follow these instructions.


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