Jumping on Trains, Popularity Trains

So I got an iphone. I am officially the real deal and part of the cool society. Now I am trying to figure what case to get. Society 6 has nice art in the form of iphone cases, so that is my plan.

But now I need your help. Which do I choose? You get to vote! Comment with the number.

numero uno

it's case #2

rainbow fish.. also known as #3


triangles... #4


#5 = everyplace i have ever wanted to be

And then there are ones that aren’t really my thing, but make me think of my family:

this one makes me think of my mom

as does this one

and this one reminds me of my brother... how obvious.




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3 responses to “Jumping on Trains, Popularity Trains

  1. I like #5—front of phone—connecting with the people world, back of phone—nature and solitude. I looked through before I read and when I saw the stones and the one before, I thought: That looks like something I would like. You know me so well.

  2. Ada

    I like the rainbow fish, number one and number five! Also the one that reminds you of your brother. I feel like I would enjoy the rainbow fish more than you would have…so you should probably get one or five 😦 The triangles are cool, too.

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