Friend’s poem


We stood at the edge of
The water and sent the
Smooth stones we had gathered earlier sailing
Across the surface.
Ripples glided out
And suddenly I was hypnotized.
It was as though I had fallen through that center ripple
Straight down to the bottom of the lake.
In the quiet darkness
I could only feel the fish moving past me.
In that moment I was Saul,
Struck blind by God.
And the feeling of those scaly bodies sliding against my skin
Was all I needed to know that
All would be forgiven
As long as I just asked for it.
An invisible hand lifted me through the water
And as I broke the surface
My wings unfurled and I
Soared into the sun.
Not a modern Icarus,
Doomed for eternity,
But a liberated soul.
By the time I regained my sight
And opened my eyes
You had become concerned,
Asking me if I was alright.
I started to explain
But stopped because to rob you
Of your own
Would have been the undoing of my new found freedom.


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