the headache

This headache is killing me, which reminds me of a poem I wrote over the summer about another headache that was at that time killing me. 

my head is a building

it is boxy and large

and must be destroyed

every method has been attempted

it begins slowly

an ice pick tries to shatter through

unsuccessful. it jabs harder

the building is ready to give up, 

but the frame is too strong, too sturdy.

no success leads to harsher methods

the battering ram appears

it batters, but can not break

It pushes harder and harder

the building wants to dissolve, 

but the frame is too stubborn.

the building still stands

but the insides have been gutted;

no thoughts enter or exit.

the building is just a skeleton:

empty, unsettled.

the wrecking ball has been called in

it works from the inside out.

it sits in the empty building

and thrusts itself into the walls.

the frame shakes, yet never falls

the building is ready to crumble

but instead it stays motionless.

taking the punches.


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