What up, weekend?

[photo from Black Eiffel]

^World’s largest suicide attempt^

Well, pretty far into the weekend, but here is my weekend roundup anyway. Spending this 4th of July doing a puzzle and acting all American.

Links of the weekend:

Every toy should be required to dance like this one and talk as horribly too.

Stylin’ stamps.

Enjoying Dear Photograph. (but not enjoying the messages people leave for their photographs: first of all which photograph are they talking to the original photo or the recent photo, second neither one is listening, third the attempt at poignancy seems a little melodramatic, I get it your parents divorced and you are old now.)

Wrote about this circular house.. it’s a circle.

Robot cake.

Louis CK speaking to the lizard/Donald Rumsfeld. Seriously, listen to it. “So how many people do you think you’ve met who have died by hanging?” “More than one”



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