My, My Mavis

As a kid I would attempt to play computer games, but I found them very stressful. My brother was always playing action games: Doom, Diablo, and other games that I can’t remember the names of. I loved watching, but whenever  I would attempt to play I would freeze up. It was too much pressure.

So instead I stole my mom’s “game” Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. It was awesome. The concept was simple: press buttons and get praise. And there was no pressure. If I did poorly, Mavis broke it to me nicely. She is sweet like that.

So now I am all grown up and I want to show Mavis Beacon how fast I can type with accuracy. So, I am downloading a free trial. Do you also want to make Mavis proud? Download Mavis Beacon for mac or for PC.

Here is the original picture that made me crave the support and attention of Mavis. It’s by Adam Lisagor, check it out here.


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