An Unnecessary Bedroom Explication

I recently rearranged my room for summer, which means bed by the windows or else I’ll die of heat stroke. Because of the switcheroo this has become the super cool corner of the room (take that dresser section).

The letters spelling ‘hate’ is my personal favorite. My mom made the letters from metal, wood, and sticks for an art installation a few years ago. She had them spelling out a Wordsworth quote, but was kind enough to give them to my acrostic ‘hate’ wall. Every time I see it I can’t help smiling at the ridiculousness.

I got that chair last summer at a yard sale. Fun thing that chair taught me: you don’t need to be in a car for your butt to stick to leather. The cool barrel lamp thing was made by grandfather. He was a welder and made it out of a barrel and cast iron cobbler shoe molds, which is the coolest part and I am covering in this photo for no good reason except that I didn’t know where to put that handkerchief when I was cleaning my room.

On the lamp/barrel is a wooden ball and cup game, which my grandmother gave me a few Christmases ago saying, “I entered the toy store and it just happened.” Sixteenth century Mexico knew what was up, this game is perfect.

So yup, that’s an overly described corner of my bedroom.


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