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Paris and Things that are Incorrect

So my friend Katie, who is living in Paris for the year, posted this video on a friends wall, and I absolutely love it. It takes place in the bookstore Shakespeare and Company.

(Watch the full video by clicking on that link below)
Spike Jonze: Mourir Auprès de Toi

When I saw this, I thought about That Summer in Paris by Morley Callaghan, a memoir about Morley’s friendships with Hemingway and Fitzgerald in the summer of 1929.. in Paris. I was thinking that Shakespeare and Company was the bookstore that is refers to multiple times. So instead of looking in the book that was right next to me, I googled it.

And I found a blog which cited a bunch of sources on the topic of Paris in the 1920’s. The Phd that has the blog even does presentations on the topic.

So I was pretty sad when I read her annotation of That Summer in Paris, “Morley Callaghan. That Summer in Paris. New York:  Coward-McCann, 1963. Callaghan was the timekeeper for the famous Hemingway-Fitzgerald boxing match, and he’s dined out on that story for years. A lovely memoir of a memorable summer.”

I underlined all the things that are wrong in that paragraph. Callaghan and Hemingway were the ones boxing together and they did so quiet often. Fitzgerald only accompanied them once as a timekeeper (and not a really good one.) I do have to agree that it is a lovely memoir on a memorable summer.



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The Lost and Found Stories of Morley Callaghan

Finished this book of short stories by Morley Callaghan last night. Wow. There is no way for me to truly convince the world to read it by explaining it, so instead I will just take a quote from it and hope that the 4 people who read this blog will run out and get the book right away.

“and so, standing there at the porch rail was like standing at the edge of a frightening, complicated, exciting world, which he might someday have to try to understand.”

I am really bad at choosing quotes, so if that wasn’t good for you blame me, not Morley.

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