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Haikus from my Childhood

Looking through the cavern that is my computer and have found some  “literary work” from my childhood. Here are some of my haiku attempts :

Tables are useful
They have exactly four legs
I wish they didn’t

Oreos are good
Especially dipped in milk
I love Oreos

Dinosaurs kick butt
They would beat lions a lot
Even in the snow

Valid arguments by me as a preteen.


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Quotes by Zelda Fitzgerald

“Why should all life be work, when we all can borrow. Let’s only think of today, and not worry about tomorrow.”

-Zelda Fitzgerald

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The Lost and Found Stories of Morley Callaghan

Finished this book of short stories by Morley Callaghan last night. Wow. There is no way for me to truly convince the world to read it by explaining it, so instead I will just take a quote from it and hope that the 4 people who read this blog will run out and get the book right away.

“and so, standing there at the porch rail was like standing at the edge of a frightening, complicated, exciting world, which he might someday have to try to understand.”

I am really bad at choosing quotes, so if that wasn’t good for you blame me, not Morley.

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did you see his büner?

did you see his büner?

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