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Haikus from my Childhood

Looking through the cavern that is my computer and have found some¬† “literary work” from my childhood. Here are some of my haiku attempts :

Tables are useful
They have exactly four legs
I wish they didn’t

Oreos are good
Especially dipped in milk
I love Oreos

Dinosaurs kick butt
They would beat lions a lot
Even in the snow

Valid arguments by me as a preteen.


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I’ve been absent.

I am on the other side of the country for my cousin’s wedding. And it is gorgeous, but that leads to a lack of posts. So here is a picture of some giraffes I saw on my way through Seattle.

And this is how humorous the island we are staying on is. 

It is beautiful here. More pictures of nicer things will happen here once I am home and upload my nice camera photos, but I must leave you with that for now.

Oh and also check out Fuck Yeah: Dinosaurs, because they posted two of my things I sent. Super cool.

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(via crimesagainsthughsmanatees)

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Maybe South Dakota isn’t as boring as I thought. Click on the picture to find out more about dino sculptures!

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