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Haikus from my Childhood

Looking through the cavern that is my computer and have found some  “literary work” from my childhood. Here are some of my haiku attempts :

Tables are useful
They have exactly four legs
I wish they didn’t

Oreos are good
Especially dipped in milk
I love Oreos

Dinosaurs kick butt
They would beat lions a lot
Even in the snow

Valid arguments by me as a preteen.


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I have been teaching way too much toddler gymnastics cause this so stuck in my head.

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far better than Kesha ever could.

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Can I join the Babysitter’s Club?

or would they kick me out because I have no rhythm.

While I was babysitting today I was helping one of the kids brush his teeth and I made up this song.

“These little teeth of mine, I’m gonna make ‘em shine” to the tune of This Little Light of Mine.

The 4-year-old I was babysitting said, “Can you stop singing? Your song isn’t very good and I find it annoying.”

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